Kareem Rabie is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC. He studies privatization, urban development, and the state-building project in the West Bank.

While on research leave in 2021, Kareem will be a visiting fellow at CUNY’s Center for Place, Culture, and Politics; and Committee on Globalization and Social Change.

Previously he was Harper-Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago and Marie Curie Fellow/Senior Researcher at the Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford.

His first book, Palestine is Throwing a Party and the Whole World is Invited is out now from Duke University Press.

Here are some events Kareem will be participating in.

His current research focuses on the new human geographies of Palestine/China trade.

You can find some recent writing here.

You can order the book from Duke for 30% off with code E21RABIE. It is also available at the Seminary Co-op BookstoreAmazon, and elswhere books are sold.

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In 2021, Kareem will begin sustained research on the complex social, economic, and imaginative geographies between the West Bank and China. This work is centered on the circulation in between, on economic geographies, and the routes and travels of people, capital, and objects. The hope is that an online archive of data visualizations, collaborative research material, including close readings and object biographies of circulating commodities, will complement a book of speculative engagements and public programs, actions, and conversations within the West Bank, Israel, and China.