Kareem Rabie is Associate Professor of Anthropology at The University of Illinois, Chicago. His work focuses on privatization, urban development, and the state-building project in the West Bank.

Previously he was Assistant Professor of Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC; visiting fellow at CUNY’s Center for Place, Culture, and Politics and Committee on Globalization and Social Change; Harper-Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago; and Marie Curie Fellow/Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society.

His current research on Palestine and China has been supported by the ACLS, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, the Graham Foundation for Advancement in the Fine Arts, UIC, and others.

His first book, Palestine is Throwing a Party and the Whole World is Invited came out in summer 2021 from Duke University Press.

You can find some recent writing here.

Here is a list of upcoming talks and events. If you are interested in doing an event or having Kareem come to your class, please reach out!

Here are some press clippings and recorded talks.

Kareem’s current research focuses on the new human geographies of Palestine/China trade.

You can order the book from Duke (or, outside of North America, from CAP) for 30% off with code E21RABIE.

It is also available at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, Bookshop.orgAmazon, and elsewhere books are sold.

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